Using the Smart Phone App.

Teams: Tap teams to see all Team Members.

  • If a Team Member show green and Available, they are available to take a call.
  • If the Member shows busy and On a Call, they are on a call.
  • If a Team Members status is other than Available, you may not be able to reach them.
  • To call a Team Member, just tap their extension.

To the right of theĀ  Team Member Extension there ius a Chat Icon and a Hamburger Menu.

Tap the Chat to open a Chat Session.

Tapping the Hamburger menu allows you to:

  • Leave a Voicemail.
  • Call their Mobile Phone.
  • Send an Email
  • Add them to your Favorites

Contacts: Shows a list of contacts. You can use the Search Bar at the top to search for a Contact.

The Hamburger menu allows you to select the phone number that you wish to call if they have more than one, and also allows you to send an email if their email address is in the Contact’s Record.

Keypad: Tap the Keypad to open a dialer to direct dial a call.

When a call is in progress, you have the option to create a Conference Call, Use the Phone speaker, connect to a Bluetooth device like your hands free system in the car, or create a Video call. (You must have the 3CX Conference App installed)

Recents: Brings up your call history.

You can open a Chat, leave a Voicemail or send an email or call their cell phone if the user is a Team Member.

If they are not a Team Member, the Hamburger menu will allow you to copy the number or add the caller to your Contact List.

Chat: Chat will open a Chat Session with a Team Member.

Voicemail: Shows all of your Voicemails. If your Voicemails are setup to be delivered as email and deleted, there will be no Voicemails to show.