Texting and Chatting from your Cell Phone.


The first step is to contact our Help Desk Team at 770-929-1155 Option 1 or put in a Support Ticket at support@selectivesolutions.com and request a Business Text Number.

Ask the Help Desk Team to also send you a Welcome Email for your extension.

Using your Personal or Company Cell Phone.

This does NOT expose your personal or Company cell phone number.

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, go to your App Store and search for 3CX. Download and install the App. If you want to use your phone for Video Conferencing, down load and install the 3CX Video Conferencing App while you are there.

When you launch the 3CX App it will ask you if you wish to Scan the QR Code. Use your cell phone camera to scan the QR code on your Welcome Email. If you launched the App and did not scan the code, simply open the App, tap the Hamburger Menu at the top left and from the drop down menu select Scan QR Code. Your extension is now configured on your phone.

Go to the Chat Icon on the menu at the bottom. Here you will see any Chat or Text messages.


To Chat to a Team Member, tap the + sign at the bottom of the screen.

The first Icon shows a single Chat Icon. tap that to send a Chat to a Team Member. You can select the Team Member from the Member list that opens.

Start the conversation or respond, by entering your message in the field at the bottom of the page.

Click the Send Icon.

Group Chat

Tap the + sign. The second Icon shows two Chat Windows, one on top of the other. Select this to send a Chat to a Group of Team Members. You Can select multiple Team Members from the list of Team Member. Click Next and give the group a name. Type your message and hit the Send Icon.

Text Message

Tap the + sign. The top Icon shows a Chat Icon with 3 Dots. Select this Icon. Enter the number you want to text at the top of the screen, or choose from your contact list.

PLEASE NOTE: The FCC is slowly forcing all phone systems to use the E164 method of dialing numbers. To comply, all US Number must start with +1 which is the US Country Code. to send a text to 213-456-7890 enter the number as +12134567890.

Enter your message and click the Send Icon. Any replies will come back to your Chat Window.

Attachments and Photos.

Whether you are sending a Chat, Group Chat or Text, use the Attachment and Camera Icons to Aadd an attachment or photo to your message.