Texting from the 3CX Phone System.

In today’s world, people respond to Texts faster and better than any other form of communications. 

Busy signals, mailboxes that have not been setup, unanswered calls and email that is infrequently checked all make Texting the best option for communications today.

If you run a business, employees are reluctant to use their personal cell phones for texting customers as it reveals their personal phone numbers. You cannot blame them for that.

As texting is also used for two factor authentication Banks and other institutions will send log in codes by Text. In order to do that they have to have someone’s cell phone number. If that person is unavailable, then the log in code is unavailable.

Our phone system allows a code to be sent to a group of selected people so that someone who is available gets the log in code.

Our phone system has the ability to Send and Receive texts within the phone system and without exposing anyone’s personal cell phone numbers. All texts show up as a conversation so that a Team Member can chat back and forth with a client or customer.