Selecting Teams from the menu on the left lists all of your Team Members and their profiles.

To call a Team Member, just click on their Icon


A Team Members Profile can be one of 5 Profiles.

  1. Available: Available to take calls.
  2. Away: Not Available for calls
  3. Do Not Disturb: Not available for calls.
  4. Lunch: Not available for calls
  5. Business Trip: Not available for calls.


Users can customize the settings for each of these profiles as to how calls are routed.

If a user sets their status to 2, 3, 4. or 5 and you call them, the call will be directed as the user has set the settings for each of their profiles.

On a Call or Free

In the first image on the left, shows the user’s Profile is set to Available to take calls, but the yellow square shows they are busy on a call.

The second image on the right, shows the user’s profile is Available to take calls and the green square shows they are not busy on a call.