Making and Receiving Calls.

Note. To use the Web Client for making and receiving calls you must, at minimum, have a Microphone and Speakers on your computer OR a Headset that has earphones and a microphone.

At the top right of the screen you will see three icons.

Making a Call

Click the Telephone Icon to reveal the Dial Pad.

You can make calls from the Dial Pad by clicking the numbers on the dial pad or by using the numbers pad on your computer.

As you type the numbers the system will look for numbers that match in your address book. You can either select the entry from the address book or finish entering the number. When you are done, click the green circle at the bottom of the Dial Pad to dial the number you entered or the contact you selected.

Receiving a Call

When a call comes in the dial pad will show the caller ID of the incoming call. Click the button at the bottom of the Dial Pad to accept the call.